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Buyer Agency
In all real estate transactions that involve a Realtor, a commission is paid.  Who actually pays it?  When the property is LISTED, it is the Seller's responsibility to pay the Broker, but where does that money come from?  You the Buyer, that's who.  In order for the seller to net the amount they desire, they will include the selling expenses (which includes the Realtor's commission) in the selling price.

So if you are paying it, why not have the broker work for you?  Typically, properties that are listed have a 5-6% commission rate.  The Buyer Agency is typically 3-4%.  So the commission is less and I am working for you!

How does it work?  You describe the property type, location, and price range that you are looking for.  We sign a 6 to 12 month agreement that discloses my duties to you and that I am your broker and that all real estate negotiations go through me.  I only get paid if I am successful in finding you the property you described.
A new approach to finding land.